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Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is the perfect medium for capturing the attention, and scaring the bejesus out, of people who haven’t been out-of-home in months. Achieve high coverage fear with posters at bus shelters, trees and every boarded-up shop on the high street. 


For extra impact, consider digital billboards! Animated telescreens offer more entertainment and targeted messaging to passersby. Display custom warnings (such as “Wear a Face Mask, or else!”) whilst recording urban life. Big billboard is watching you.


    • Format: S-Scary, L-Scary, XL-Scary.
    • Number 1 for (inter)national coverage, commanding attention and elevating fear.
    • Our network of poster sites provide enviable access to savvy and highly pedestrian audiences, when they look up from their phones.

    “MINDSPACE - Influencing behaviour through public policy.”
    – Institute for Government, UK


    “COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1.”
    Yale University / US Gov


    “Use media to increase sense of personal threat.”
    SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies)


    “Dos and Don’ts for all messaging, documents and “communications” in the widest sense (vaccines).”


    “Is someone close becoming a stranger?”
    Act Early (Action Counters Terrorism), UK


    “People are attracted to something the more they are exposed to it.”
    Robert Zajonc ‘The Mere Effect’ study (1968)


    “People to adhere to the rules, along with a form of "Covid shaming" in person and online.”
    Professor Niamh Hourigan, Sociologist


    “Ads that include vaccine hoaxes or discourage people from getting a vaccine are banned.”
    – Rebecca Stimson, Head of UK Public Policy, Facebook


    “Fight anti-vaxxers.”
    Boris Johnson, Prime Minister UK


    “I guess highly likely COVID has never been more than rebranding of mainly influenza.”
    – Dr. Thomas Binder, MD


    “Spreading anti-vaxx conspiracy theories should be a CRIME.”
    – Royal Society and British Academy


    “No room whatsoever for pseudoscience or nonsense or scaremongering.”
    – Simon Harris TD, Minister for Higher Education, Ireland


    “There's no vaccine for the infodemic - so how can we combat the virus of misinformation?”
    World Economic Forum


    “Everything you need to deliver our award-winning marketing campaigns on a local level.”
    HM Government / Public Health England / NHS


    COVID 19 - Media Buying Services
    – UK Gov

€ 320.000.000,00Price
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