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Transparent Screen

Transparent Screen

Protect your staff from the idiots who cough, sneeze and spit when shopping. This clear plexiglass barrier is designed to block airborne particles and joyous experiences. Available with a pre-cut opening to facilitate transfer of deadly viruses on goods, documents and cash.


Inspired by the bandit barriers of banks, this unsightly transparent screen is for use in any point of purchase location: grocery stores, coffee shops, confessional boxes, school desks, etc. Be transparent. Be safe.


    • Size: 100 x 80cm.
    • Made of transparent acrylic, with contemporary-styled rounded corners and edges.
    • Clear plexiglass screens on teachers’ desks may impact children’s physical and mental health, education and development. 
    • Transparent screens can never offer 100% protection from deadly respiratory droplets. Just look at the exposed sides.
    • No metal surfaces are used, meaning a shorter life span for any contaminating virus.

    “Plastic is polluting every corner of the planet.”
    – Greenpeace

    “Avoid people working face-to-face. For example, by working side-by-side or facing away from each other.”
    – UK Government
    “Transparent screens are bullshit. They’re there to assure people of something, not to protect from something. Most transfer happens from hands, handling items (such as documents, money or plates), and wind blowing things in, not sneezing.”
    – Anon
    “Sneeze guards may not be scientifically proven, but they give us peace of mind. Until we have a vaccine, having that physical barrier will make our staff and customers feel more comfortable.”
    – Jenny Russell, Starbucks.
    “In our 114-year history, we’ve never been busier!”
    – Hans Raam, Plexi Magic BV, Almere
    “I am quite sure that many of the current panic measures do far more harm than good. They create the idea that we are in the midst of a terrifying plague that will kill us all, when the truth – though disturbing – is far less frightening.”
    – Peter Hitchens
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