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Protective Coverall

Protective Coverall

Surplus PPE, originally intended for essential workers, is now available for non-essential workers, such as care home workers, supermarket cashiers, food delivery boys, and graphic designers. 


Brave enough to explore a Brave New World!? This fetching white coverall guarantees 99.99% protection against COVID-19, when worn in combination with a paisley bandana, spheroidal dome helmet, goalkeeper gloves and a self-contained oxygen supply system. The suit is light and fresh. Rated the top must-have fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2020.


    • Comfort fit design (fits height: 5’5” to 6’5”, fits chest: 45” to 65”).
    • Brainwash inside out at low temperature.
    • As intergalatically worn by the Beastie Boys.
    • Knit cuffs / elasticized wrist and ankles.
    • Ideal for dirty jobs, like painting sheds or buying cheese.
    • Inherent barrier to hazardous droplets and small sized particles.

    “I am very happy with this suit. I purchased two and have used one so far to pressure wash my kids after school.”
    – Max Mustermann, Germany


    “PPE should be used in combination with administrative and engineering controls. The indications for PPE should be based on the setting, target audience, risk of exposure (e.g. type of activity) and the transmission dynamics of the pathogen (e.g. contact, droplet, or aerosol). The overuse or misuse of PPE will have a further impact on supply shortages.”
    World Health Organisation (WHO)



    “Really had that ‘chic corona look’ I was going for. Some might call it overkill, but this suit was great when paired with booties and a mask for when I had to take a bus to Primark.”
    – Sarah, Manchester

€ 200,00Price
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