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Temperature Gun

Temperature Gun

Screen and determine who enters your workplace, school or home with this hot new gadget! Measures body temperatures from a safe distance to detect symptoms of FEAR, COVID-19 and the Irish flu. Temperatures above 38˚C (100.4˚F) will trigger the fever alarm, red flashing lights, and a middle finger emoji on the display.⁣⁣
No Orwellian toolkit is complete without this infrared thermometer. Point and click the laser beam to show who’s boss. Great choice for overzealous security guards and Stormtroopers. Guaranteed to eradicate warm welcomes and sweaty colleagues. How hot are you?⁣⁣


    • Batteries not included. 
    • This device is intended for screening purposes only, not to replace clinical thermometers or a professional diagnosis.
    • ℉, *, ℃, K are easily switchable. 
    • Make certain the thermometer is in FEAR MODE - and always hold the thermometer and the forehead steady when taking a reading.
    • This device is designed to be used indoors by any Tom, Dick and Harry.
    • All body site temperatures are not the same. The temperature taken at different sites on the body will vary significantly. A forehead (temporal) temperature, for example, is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1.0°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature.

    “Everybody’s got the fever, That is somethin’ you all know, Fever isn’t such a new thing, Fever started long time ago.”
    Peggy Lee


    “The most accurate temperature is achieved with a rectal thermometer. But I don’t think airlines can do that.”
    – Marybeth Pompeii, Exergen


    “Temperature checks don’t identify patients who are asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, or experiencing symptoms other than a fever.”
    Aria Bendix, Business Insider


    “These devices are notoriously not accurate and reliable… Some of it is quite frankly for show.”
    Dr. James Lawler, University of Nebraska’s Global Center for Health Security


    “Fever is one of the symptoms of coronavirus and this device is easy to operate and it reads exact temperature of the human body.”
    Dr. S.K. Mishra, Paediatrician


    “Despite limited evidence regarding their utility, infrared thermal detection systems (ITDS) are increasingly being used for mass fever detection.”
    - CDC


    “Tip: To avoid high temperature, just take a Paracetamol.”
    Declan Stone


    “I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.”
    Christopher Walken

€ 29,95Price
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